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Hills and Hollows weekend camping campsite capacities and information

All campsite assignments are made through the online weekend reservation system.  Reservations are not made through the camp rangers. Reservations for multiple campsites and entire camps must be made by the Camping Registrar (use the weekend camping reservation paper form).

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Camp Site Weekend Capacity Water Shelter Latrine Notes
Pavilion 60 April 1 – Oct.31 Shelter Latrine To use Pavilion, 1st reserve it, then arrange for a key with the Frontier Trails District Executive. NO PARKING in campsite.
Hilton Hill 70 April 1 – Oct.31 Latrine NO PARKING in campsite.
Archery Hill 20 April 1 – Oct.31 Latrine Couple of road bumps. Road may be muddy for gear dropoff after heavy rains. NO PARKING in campsite.
Spirit Hill 30 April 1 – Oct.31 Latrine NO Road Access. Must pack gear in.

Water: Campsite water is on from April 1 – Oct. 31; water is available during the winter only from a central source, at the Pavillion from Nov. 1 – March 31.
Parking: Park in the field across the street from the gate. Parking can be a problem when the field is wet. DO NOT park in the campsites.
Pavilion Parking: Each unit may park TWO vehicles ONLY in the pavilion lot for emergencies.
Campsite Capacities based on average 2 per tent.
NOTE: These capacities are WEEKEND CAMPING capacities.

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