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December 26, 2021

Private: US Cavalry Camp

U.S. Cavalry Frontier Living History Camp at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch is postponed until 2021

U.S. Cavalry Frontier Living History Camp

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch. Dec. 27 to Dec. 30th.
  • Participants must be Scouts (at least 13), Venturers, or adults.
  • Both individual youth and groups may attend.
  • Cannons, Gatling gun, carbines, uniforms, equipment, and food provided.
  • Tents or barracks are provided, depending on the winter weather
  • See photos or Winter camp and other reenactments below.
  • Report for duty to Sid Richardson Scout Ranch.

Join our living history staff and Crew 1872 for a week as a soldier in the 4th U.S. Cavalry on the 1870’s Texas frontier. Fire carbines, cannons, and Gatling guns in battle reenactments of the 1870’s Red River War and the frontier.

U.S. Cavalry Camp: all food, program equipment & supplies, powder & shooting supplies, and cavalry uniforms provided. Must be at least 13 to participate.

Our youth and adult staff are expert reenactors and certified artillery instructors who have participated in many of the largest reenactments in the country, including the 150th anniversary Gettysburg battle (see photos).

In our U.S. Cavalry program you’ll wear the uniform, learn the drills, eat the food, and live the life of a trooper in the famous 4th U.S. Cavalry, which served with distinction..

For the last night of camp we’ll move to historic Fort Richardson State Park, home of the 4th and 6th U.S. Cavalry Regiments in the 1870’s.During the week you will drill, patrol, and fight battles against bands of bandits and Comancheros (traders from New Mexico). The week will climax with a large battle. Following the battle, we’ll travel 20 miles west and report to historic Fort Richardson State Park, tour historic fort, and sleep in the barracks.  On December 30 or 31 you will be mustered out of the army on the parade ground at Fort Richardson.

Frontier history participants should bring lots of warm clothing. Soldiers need thermal underwear and insulating garments (polypro, wool, capilene, thermax, fleece, etc.) to wear under our cavalry uniforms. Participants need sleeping bags/blankets, pillows, canteen, and camping gear, etc. For details and for information on earning the Venturing Living History requirements, email Brian Glass, US Cavalry Outpost Director.

Email the Camping Registrar: [email protected]

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