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Trainers EDGE

The 2nd part of the T3 (Train the Trainer)  continuum

The purpose of the Trainer’s EDGE course is to help you develop and improve your skills as a trainer.

Trainer’s EDGE is the second part of the T3 (Train the Trainer)  continuum. As trainers develop their training skills, Trainer’s EDGE provides an additional opportunity for trainers to enhance their abilities. Trainer’s EDGE also supplements the training development sessions offered during faculty development for advanced leadership training courses and increased familiarity with the EDGE model that is used throughout the training.

Any Scouter who delivers training to youth or adults is welcome to attend (i.e. Wood Badge and NYLT Instructors, District and Council Trainers, Commissioners, Pack Trainers, Merit Badge Counselors, just about anyone!).  You don’t even have to be currently involved, just INTERESTED!

The Fundamentals of Training is the first part of the three-part T3 train-the-trainer continuum.

The third part of the continuum is the Master Trainer course taught at one of the BSA’s national volunteer training centers or a regional “cluster council” course. The Master Trainer course does not create a designation for the participants; it teaches the skills and techniques used to address council and district training objectives. Using the analyze-plan-manage-evaluate process, participants are ideally suited to create and implement training improvement plans that achieve Journey to Excellence goals.

Trainer’s EDGE is meant to supplement the practice offered through Wood Badge and NYLT staff development, with a focus on the participant, while raising the level of skill a trainer brings to the staff experience.

The Trainer’s EDGE is also a great tool for Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Scoutmasters, Crew Advisors, Youth Leaders, Roundtable Staffers, Commissioners, etc…or anyone who presents almost any subject matter to others.

Please pre-register!  For information on upcoming courses contact your District Training Chair or refer to the Longhorn Council Training Calendar.