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Spring Orienteering Meet

Spring-O 2021

2021 Spring-O Results

  • – One punch is required for each individual or team.  The cost for this will be $3.00 per punch .
  • – 2-person Scout Teams can run any course, beginner to expert.
  • – Non-competition Recreational Teams category.
  • – High School ROTC units can register online & pay by check.
  • – Registration for competition courses closes at 5 PM Wed., March 17.
  • – No meals provided

Longhorn Council is committed to the safety of its members, so at this time we do not have any changes to our current COVID-19 safety protocols.  As Scouts and Scouters, we ask you to maintain your vigilance to ensure the safety of all who participate. If updates are made to our safety procedures, these changes will be shared broadly with all volunteers, units, charter partners, and professional staff.

Staggered arrival times and start times throughout the morning and early afternoon to prevent crowding. Three events in one day: (1) individual competition, (2) team competitions, (3) Recreational Courses. Everyone can enter: Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, adults, families, Cub Scouts, ROTC units, and the public. Scout compete in 2 person Teams. Awards go to the top three finishers in each race class. Choose from 4 map courses from beginner to expert.

Our spring Orienteering event for individual and team cross-country competitors and for Recreational Teams. Competitors run one course Saturday with team night orienteering Saturday evening. Competition awards are based on best times for each class. The meet is co-sponsored by the North Texas Orienteering Association (NTOA). Register here for Spring-O 2021.

Choose your fun from 4 beginner to expert Orienteering courses! Awards are given to the top three finishers in each registration category. Individual Competitors compete by age and gender. Scouts compete in 2 person Teams. Cubs and their parents can hike in 2-5 person Recreational Teams. Anyone can hike the course and work on their orienteering in Recreational Teams.

All Competition Courses are pre-drawn.  Course choices are Yellow, Orange, Brown, and, Red. One punch is required for each individual or team. The cost for this will be $3.00 per punch. Courses must be selected at time of registration.

Map Hike Courses are now RECREATIONAL TEAMS

Take your time and have fun – we will track your time for you! Available for both groups and individuals. Two-person Scout Teams can run any course – beginner to expert.


The area has a rich history of Indian Lore, US cavalry outpost, and early day settlers.  It is mixed woods, semi open with post oaks, cedars, mesquite, and some green briar.  Green areas are well mapped. The camp has a moderate trail system, unpaved roads, spectacular cliffs, bluffs, gullies, springs and marsh areas that will challenge your orienteering skills.  The camp has over 15 miles of shore line on Lake Bridgeport.  The competition area is over 1,100 acres.


Every participant gets a map.  1:10,000, 5 meter contours, 5 color, Field Work and Cartography by Rich Wendling, completed 1996.  Revised by Tatyana and Sergey Svistun, 2002-2005, and Carl Bridges, Ralph Courtney, Marc McCauley 2007-2015.  Different sections of the map are used each day.


Sid Richardson Scout Ranch (SR2) is a 2,500 acre Scout Camp located on the west side of Lake Bridgeport. Detailed maps are on our website at

From Fort Worth: take I-35W North and turn on US 287/81 to Decatur.  At Decatur go West on US 380 about 17 miles to Lake Bridgeport.   2 miles after crossing the long bridge on Lake Bridgeport, turn right at the Sid Richardson Scout Ranch sign, onto a gravel road.  Follow signs 2.3 miles to the camp entrance.  Event headquarters is about 4.5 miles from first camp ranger’s house.  From Dallas: take I-35E North to Denton. Turn on Hwy 380 west and go 44 miles to Lake Bridgeport. Then follow the directions above.

Event Schedule:

Friday, March 26

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Check-In for Camping, start time assignments

Saturday, March 27

9:00 am to 11:30 a.m. – Registration Check In

9:30 am – 12:00 Noon Runners start on each course at minimum one-minute interval

10:00 am – 3:00 pm Results tabulated on all courses as runners finish

3:00 pm (or 3 hrs after last start) – Courses close and results finalized

3:30 pm –  Medals can be picked up at HQ

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm  Control pickup.  Volunteer and get a little extra practice


Lodging Available At Camp

Cabins: Lakeview Lodge, Eight heated cabins with kitchen, bath, two bedrooms and sleep-in living room (four twin beds and 1 hide-a-bed).  Linens and cooking utensils are furnished.  $150.00 for the weekend.

Dormitories: Lakeview Lodge. Four heated dormitory units, accommodating up to sixteen individuals each.  A unit has two bedrooms with eight beds in each.  Central bathroom facilities join the two bedrooms.  No kitchen.  Linen provided.  $20/person for weekend.

Camping:  Main Camp campsites. Tent spaces with access to outdoor toilets are available.   Open air shower facilities are available in the camping area (unless there is an late-season freeze).  $5 camping fee per person for the weekend for anyone not in a Longhorn Council Scout unit.

Camp Rules: The following are NOT ALLOWED on camp property: no FIREARMS, no ALCOHOL, no FIREWORKS, no PETS, and no RIDING IN THE BACK OF PICKUP TRUCKS.  Service dogs ARE allowed.