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November 3, 2018

Pushmobile Derby at Council Camporee

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A pushmobile derby is a race using cars built by a Cub Scout Den and their parents.  This gives the Scouts and parents an opportunity to work on a project together, which is important in Scouting.  The concept is for a den of 6 Scouts to build and race the car. All Pushmobile Derby participants MUST register as participants in Cub Scout Fun Day.

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Held each year at Cub Scout Fun Day, at Tarrant County College Northeast in Hurst.  Click here or scroll down to register for Pushmobile Derby at the Cub Fun Day page.

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The race is 400 – 600 feet long, with the course set up in 100-200-foot intervals.  Two Cub Scouts start, one is the pusher, and one is the driver.  When they arrive at the “Change Point,” another pusher and driver takes over.  They will push to the “Turn Point,” turn the car, around and push it another 100 feet to the “Change Point” where two more Scouts take over and finish the race back to the starting line.  The first car to cross the finish line is the winner, with the winner competing again for a champion of each rank.

Final Grand Champions race between the 1st Place Champions in each rank.

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November 3, 2018 Tarrant County College NE 10:30am-3:00pm Register