Lone Star Trail Building School

Building Better Trails Starts Here

Learn the basics of trail building, including layout, construction, and maintenance, at the Lone Star Trail Building School at Lakeview Lodge on Sid Richardson Scout Ranch.  Sponsored by North Texas Mountain Bike Patrol and Groundwork Dallas.

The Lone Star Trail Building School is a two day course that instructs students on the basics of trail building, including layout, construction, and maintenance.

The school offers two different courses; Basic trail building and Advanced trail building. Attendees are required to attend the Basic Trail Building Course before applying for the Advanced Trail Building Course.

Basic Trail Building Course

The Basic Course will educate students on all aspects of trail building to include; design concepts, GPS mapping, Corridor Flagging, and construction. This course is for anyone just starting out as a trail designer / Builder and those that require a refresher.

Trail Layout
After a half day of classroom instruction, we will take you and the rest of the class outside to put your recently acquired skills to the test by laying out a new trail.

Once you have completed the layout of your new trail, you will build it and when finished, this will complete your training weekend.

Advanced Trail Building Course

Trail Instruction & Design
This course takes the student far beyond the basics of trail layout and construction. We teach one new in-depth advanced topic each year. Includes topics such as armoring, switchback turns, climbing turns, building crib walls, wooden construction, bridging, and rigging techniques to move large objects. However, we only teach one advanced topic each year which will lead the student from the design process to finished construction.