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November 10, 2018

Highland Games

Ever Want to Throw a Telephone Pole?  A Boulder?  A Battleaxe?  Slay a Pumpkin with a Sword?

Now’s your chance. Get ready for Highland Games!

Highland Games will be one of the main events at the 100th Anniversary Council Camporee.

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Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2434-360 highland_games_111106_IMG_2516-360 highland_games_111106_IMG_2532-360

Featuring professional Scottish Highland games weights, hammers, and much more.  You will compete in fun and challenging Celtic tests of strength, endurance and skill.  Highland Games is both an individual event and a team event for groups of 4-8 participants from Venture Crews and Troops, held annually at Camp Tahuaya and every 4 years at the council camporee.  Teams choose their participants for each Highland athletic competition.  These competitions are open to all Scouts, Venturers, Explorers and adults.

Camp Tahuaya Campsite Map – updated 2017

Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2148-360 Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2166-360

Kilts will be provided for the participants where necessary.  Units are encouraged to make their own kilts!

Caber-Toss-07-IMG_9914-360 Caber-Toss-08-IMG_9915-240

Troops and Crews can also visit the annual Gathering of the Clans Scottish Festival in Salado, 3 miles south of Camp Tahuaya on the service road.  The Festival runs from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. All participants receive a Camp Tahuaya Highland Games T-Shirt.

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Register Now for the 100th Anniversary Camporee!
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There are 2 age classes for youth in all of the events.  “Light Weight” are age 11-14 years, and “Heavy Weight” are 15 and older.”  There is also a Venturers Class, an Adult Class, and an Adult Coed Class. Team and Individual Awards will be given in each class.

Competitions are “Toss” events that go for distance and “throw” events go for height.  Events are Traditional Events with professional Highland Games Equipment, plus several NEW Events.  We add a few Scouting touches for safety in some events, like helmets.


Turning the Caber.  A caber is a 16-20 foot long pole that is tossed end-over-end.  The object is to balance the Caber (pole) vertically over your head, run forward and toss it so that it flips end over end and lands vertically. We use a lighter variant of the 90 to 120 pound logs the Scots use but it’s fun just the same!

Highland_Games__111211_IMG_9858-360 Highland_Games__111211_IMG_9860-360 Highland_Games__111211_IMG_9861-360

Sheaf Toss.  What’s a Sheaf?  A sheaf is a 16-20 pound bag of hay (10-12 pounds for the light weights).  What do you do with it?  Hurl it straight up into the air over an adjustable crossbar with a pitchfork.  It’s High Jump with pitch forks.  Highest toss wins.

highland_games_111106_IMG_2581-360 Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2424-360 Shaef_Toss_06_IMG_9770-360

Weight Throws.  Pick up the weight in one hand, sling it from side to side to gain momentum and throw it the farthest … or as far as possible.

Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2196-360 Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2214-360

Weight Toss.  You’ll stand under an adjustable height crossbar, hold the weight and swing it back and forth between the legs.  On the final swing you bring the weight up in an arc.  Then toss it over the crossbar (we hope).  Highest toss wins.

Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2437-360 Highland_Games_S-Gregory-T191_110913_IMG_4549-360 Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2413-360

Clachneart.  It’s a rounded stone and you throw it – like a shot put.  You can spin if you want.  Distance Counts.

Braemar Stone.  What’s a Braemar Stone?  Well, it’s like the Clachneart, except bigger and you can’t move when you toss it (no shot put moves).  Again distance counts.

highland_games_111106_IMG_2539-360 Highland_Games_S-Gregory-T191_110913_IMG_4384-360 Highland_Games_S-Gregory-T191_110913_IMG_4476-360

highland_games_111106_IMG_2590-360 highland_games_111310_IMG_8517-360

Hammer Throw.  Now using professional Scottish hammers!  Another throw for distance event.

Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2171-360 Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2176-3600

Farmer’s Walk.  In the farmer’s walk, the competitor picks up two weights, each weighing up to 150 pounds and walks around a series of pylons.  The winner walks the farthest.  We’ll go a little light on the weight: you’ll use hay bales, bulky but not nearly as heavy.  You get the idea…

Farmers_Walk_05_IMG_9516-360 Farmers_Walk_05_IMG_9674-360

Pumpkin Slaying.  Demonstrate your swordsmanship as you slay a pumpkin with a Scottish Claymore sword!  . . .  if  you can hit it!

highland_games_111205_IMG_9611-360 highland_games_111205_IMG_9627-360

Battle Axe Throw.  The battle axe was issued to the 78th Fraser’s Highlanders, a military regiment from the Highlands of Scotland.  The axes were light enough to be used with one hand and heavy enough to dent or puncture armor.  The axes used in the competition are lighter than the original weapons, but safer to throw.  In competition, the axes are thrown at increasing distances towards a target.  The winner is the individual who’s axe, thrown from the greatest distance, strikes and sticks blade first in the targets.

highland_games_111106_IMG_2489-360 highland_games_111106_IMG_2495-360 highland_games_111106_IMG_2502-360

The Fell Race.  The fell race gets its name from the hills of Northern England where it originated.  It’s a non-traditional endurance test of running and cross-country skills over rough terrain.  This cross country race typically features several natural and man-made barriers.  This event is just for the Fit!

Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2308-360 Highland_Games_11-09-13_IMG_2311-360

Tossing the Wellie.  Legend has it that this originated when Scottish husbands wore their muddy boots in the house.  In retaliation, the wives threw the boots back at the husbands as they ran from the house to avoid the wives wrath. This game is all about distance and staying between the lines.


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