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January 28, 2022

Cub Scout Trout-O-Ree

Cub Scout Trout-O-Ree

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NOTE:  Please make sure your group brings #10 OR smaller hooks. Recommended casting rigs are light 6′ or longer fishing rods rated for 4 LB to 10 LB line (2kg to 5kg) and loaded with 4 LB–5 LB test line. Shorter rods are harder to learn to cast. Bring several colors of PowerBait and #14 or #16 treble hook sizes.

Cub Scout Fishing Work Shop – Sat. only.

To earn requirements for the Cub Scout Fishing Belt Loop / Pin. Classes will be in hour sessions starting at 9am till 3pm. Sign up sheet will be available during the day for a time schedule. Certificates of requirements completed are handed out at end of day at the campfire to take back to your Den leaders for approval. Belt Loops and Pens are not furnished. The Fishing Belt Loop & Pin is for Cub Scouts and Webelos. Webelos who are working the Sportsman Activity Pen can earn part of requirement #3.

Fishing Work Shop will include regulations & rules, outdoor code, bait a hook, catching a fish, cleaning a fish, fish habitats, types of fishing reels, tying fishing fly lures, casting 30ft, draw a fish, replace line on a reel, make a pole and line rig, artificial bait & lures. Also there will be many fishing stories told.

Trout-O-Ree PRIZES

  • Top Trout Catches
    • 1st Place Team
    • 2nd Place Team
    • 1st Place Individual Cub
    • 2nd Place Individual Cub
    • Largest Trout
    • Smallest Trout


  • Largest Fish of Other Species: Bluegill, Catfish, Largemouth Bass.
  • Funniest Catch – from the lake: shoes, watches, glasses, etc
  • Prize for the Largest bag of trash – from lake & woods ONLY


  • 6′ or longer light Fishing rods and reels rated for 4-10 LB line and loaded with 4 lb–5 lb test line
    Tackle: # 10 or smaller hooks, small lead sinkers, bobbers, etc.)
  • Bait: Powerbait (various colors, size #14 or #16), corn, etc.
  • Scissors or pocket knife, needle nose pliers, cleaning knife
  • Fish Stringer, Cooler & ice

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January 28, 2022 January 30, 2022 Camp Tahuaya 6:00am-4:00pm Register