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College of Commissioner Science



Longhorn Council’s College of Commissioner Science (CCS) will be a full day of learning and fellowship with opportunities to complete various degree paths and continuing education courses.  Join the other commissioners of the Longhorn Council by participating in this year’s CCS.  Be part of the movement.  Come to CCS!

Degrees and Learning Opportunities:

  1. Associate’s Degree is the beginning of the commissioner experience that includes Commissioner Basic Training.
  2. Bachelor of Commissioner Science (BCS) is an entry-level program for unit or roundtable commissioners who have completed basic commissioner training.
  3. Master of Commissioner Science (MCS) focuses on advanced problem solving and administrative skill instruction for unit or roundtable commissioners.
  4. Doctorate of Commissioner Science (DCS) is a two-year program that challenges candidates to identify, develop, and present a project or service concept to a panel of their peers.
  5. Continuing Education (CE) is an opportunity to expand knowledge and increase the effectiveness of unit service.

August 24, 2019
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  • If you are new, then come and learn.
  • If you know everything, then come and teach.
  • If you are somewhere in the middle, then come and do both.

Course Handouts:

Hard copies of the course handouts are available in advance on request.  You can also obtain soft copies of each course’s handouts here.

Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award:

To track your progress toward the Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award, use the Progress Record form available here.


Please contact the Dean ([email protected]) if you have any questions.