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March 5, 2022

BB & Archery

BB & Archery Range Officer Training

Cub Scout BB & Archery Training for Day Camp and Council/District Activities Staff


The purpose of these 3 hour classes is to train Cub Scout BB & Archery instructors for Cub Scout Day Camps and major Cub Scout weekend events. Trainees agree to serve as range officers at least one week at a day camp or 3-4 full days at major district and council events such as a Cub Shootout, Webeloree, Cub Family Adventure, Rocket Academy, or Fall Festival/Haunted Hayride.  For every week an Instructor runs a range at day camp or every 3 days an Instructor runs a range at district or council events they will get one Cub Scout Range Officer Certificate from the camping registrar.

Take one or both classes at the Longhorn Council office and Camp Tahuaya every year on the last Saturday in April and the last Saturday in May.  Classes are sometimes held at large council weekend events in October.


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March 5, 2022 March 5, 2022 Hurst Office AND Camp Tahuaya 9:00am-4:00pm Register
April 30, 2022 April 30, 2022 Hurst Office 9:00am-4:00pm Register
May 28, 2022 May 28, 2022 Camp Tahuaya 9:00am-4:00pm Register