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July 27, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Countdown to August 8, 2020 Family Fun Fest

Our big event is less than two weeks away!

Family Fun Fest on August 8, 2020 promises to be a fantastic time for all Scouting families.  BSA National will host this with Longhorn Council and other councils participating as well. 

If you like funny pets, rockets and astronauts, Pinewood Derby cars, movie makeup artists and backyard camping, then you’ll love Family Fun Fest! It’s outdoor adventure you can have online!

This very special online-only event is just for families like yours! There will be cool hands-on activities, interviews with amazing people, and opportunities to make your community better with a service project.

Join in on the fun with activities like designing a Pinewood Derby car and baking homemade treats for your pets with a trained chef. We’ll post items you’ll need for each activity, here and on Facebook, so you can build your own adventure!

If you’re already a Cub Scout, you’ll love it! If you’re not a Scout but want to find out about all the fun and cool things Scouts do – this is your chance! And, it’s always more fun with friends, so invite some of yours to join you online for the Family Fun Fest!  (from BSA Scouting. org website)

Click/tap below to view the countdown and watch the Family Fun Fest video.

Family Fun Fest

Don’t miss it!



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