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September 23, 2014, by Linda Presley

Challenge Accepted!!

Last fall, Roadrunner Membership Team created a contest mid fall recruiting to challenge the entire district to stay motivated and continue to recruit youth. The challenge entailed the unit that recruited the most youth, would be able to choose from one of the two incentives. The two donated incentives were 15 Texas Rangers suite tickets sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. or a ride for 4 youth in a helicopter sponsored by Santa USA, Inc. The challenge was introduced at November Roundtable and had units hyped about the incentives. As all units continued their efforts to increase their membership, Pack 374 was first place and Pack 407 was second place. The first place winner was able to choose from one of the two incentives. Pack 374 chose the Texas Rangers package. On September 11, 2014, Pack 374 was able to enjoy a night in Tyson’s suite. The entire district was able to recruit an additional 54 youth since the start of the challenge in November. Motivation was key!


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