Sea Kayak & Caving Adventure

The last day of your sea kayaking trek will be a serious wild caving trip in a Texas cave.  Each crew must provide their own transportation to the cave.  The camp program director and the trek leader will coordinate.  The Longhorn Council will pay the $50 Cave Access Fee.

Caving_062714_IMG_3096-360 Caving_062714_IMG_3132-360

The primary caving equipment is provided by the Longhorn Council.

  • Headlamps
  • Helmets
  • elbow pads
  • knee pads

Caving_062714_IMG_3101-360 Caving_062714_IMG_3166-360

For caving, each participant must bring multiple NEW AA batteries, a complete change of clothes, an extra flashlight with new batteries, long pants, boots, long sleeve shirt, and 3 or 4 big trash bags for each person to put muddy clothes and boots in and to cover vehicle seats.

Caving_062714_IMG_3129-360 Caving_062714_IMG_3086-360

The cave is approximately 75 miles and 90 minutes from Camp Tahuaya.

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