Starship Bridge: The Space Room

Programs in our Starship Bridge Space Room

Starship Battle Simulator.

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Pilot an Imperial Starship into battle as the Captain and bridge officers: Helmsman, Weapons Officer, Science, Engineering, or Communications.  (NOTE: Groups with younger Cub Scouts and siblings should have parents helping while doing the Starship Bridge Crew Simulator.)


Pack 1220 Cub Scouts piloting the starship in a battle during a birthday party event.

Troop 28 Scouts learning to work together to maneuver their ship.

space_room_T265_011815_IMG_7046-360 space_room_T328_011615_IMG_6905-360

Scouts from Troop 265 (left) and Troop 328 (right) serving as bridge officers during a battle simulation at an overnight lock-in.

Troop 127 Scouts maneuver their ship to protect the space stations in their sector.

Movies & Birthday Parties

. . .  or just watch a movie on the 80 inch main bridge view screen. (Bring your own sci-fi movie.)


Space Flight Simulators

Space flight simulators with multiple skill levels allow youth & adults to compete for the title of Best Pilot. By museum simulation companies Binary Star and Historic Space Systems.

– Discovery: Final Approach. Land the Space Shuttle Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center or at Edwards Air Force Base!
– Space Station Docking. Pilot NASA’s new Orion space capsule as you bring supplies to the International Space Station.
– Lunar Landing. “The Eagle has landed.” Pilot Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 Lunar Module and land on the moon in 1969.
Air Force Interceptor. A dangerous asteroid is on a collision course with the International Space Station. You will pilot an Air Force rapid-response launch vehicle. Your mission: destroy the asteroid with a missile before it hits the Space Station!

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