Reptile Shows

Bring a reptile show to your meeting – at your place or ours!

Snakes of Texas, Kingsnakes, Rat Snakes,  Turtles, Lizards, Spiders, and more!

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Bring a traveling reptile show to your meeting or banquet or book a snake show at the Activity Center. The shows feature Snakes of Texas and animals from our complete collection of Kingsnake and Rat Snake species from around the USA. Plus lizards, giant millipedes, tarantulas, and more.


Reptile Shows help youth learn about reptiles, and develop their knowledge and appreciation for conservation and natural history.


Onsite Reptile Shows includes one hour show and one hour use of meeting room.

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Traveling Reptile Shows We will come to your location and present a one hour show.  Price includes travel within 25 mile radius of the activity center.  Call for locations further than 25 miles from our location.

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Kingsnakes are immune to the venom of most pit vipers, and are famous for eating rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths!


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