Cub Scout & Webelos Resident Camp

Eagle on the Moon!

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing by Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong and Scout Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin.

Outdoor Adventures and Camping for Cub Scouts at Cub Scout & Webelos Resident Camp!

Pack your bags and join us for camping adventures, and Cub Scout summer fun! Three Webelos sessions and Three Cub Scout sessions are available. Cub Scout and Webelos Camps help you bring outdoor fun and learning to your Cub Scout summer at Worth Ranch near Palo Pinto and Camp Tahuaya near Belton. You’ll go rock climbing, go swimming and have fun water fights each day! Try our fleet of new Sit-on-Top Kayaks at Camp Tahuaya. Hike Kyle Mountain at Worth Ranch.

Cub Scout Resident Camp and Webelos Week Activities:

Swimming Kayaking (CT) Archery BB Shooting
Climbing Water Battles Kyle Mtn Sunrise Hike (WR) Nature
Canoeing (CT) Reptile Shows Campfires Games
First Aid Advancement Crafts Fishing

Advancement and programs are based on the new Cub Scout Program.

Leaders and adults attending Resident Camp who would like to help teach or staff programs should contact the Camping Registrar at

You’ll spend lots of time in the pool and fighting water battles. All Cub Scouts and parents are invited to bring water blasters (not shaped like a gun), squirt bottles, water balloons,etc. Leaders and parents should keep the water toys, except during designated water battles.

All tents, meals, eating utensils, program materials and equipment are provided by the camp for each camper. The camp does not provide cots or mattresses for the campers. A limited number of cots may be rented for $5 per camp session on a first-come first-served basis.

If you’re the only member of your Pack attending camp, you can be an “Explorer” camper. An adult camping partner, must accompany each “Explorer” camper, in accordance with BSA’s Cub Scout Family Camping rules. You’ll make new friends and camp with other “Explorer” Cub Scouts and parents from Packs all over the Longhorn Council


Camp Tahuaya will have a call in only meeting June 20th at 6:30pm.

The orientation meeting for adults coming to camp, will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Longhorn Council offices, on the Wednesday before your camp session starts. Orientation Meetings for Worth Ranch sessions will be held at the Hurst office. Orientation Meetings for Camp Tahuaya sessions will be held at the Waco office and the Hurst office.


All adults (18 and older) must turn in a completed Camp Adult Info Form to the Camp Director on arrival at camp. Each Pack, Den, or family attending must turn in a Texas Camp Adult Roster prior to arriving at camp.

All units in camp MUST BE under the direct leadership of two adults at all times, one must be at least 21 years old and the other at least 18 years old. Adults may rotate with other parents or leaders; however, at least two qualified adults must remain in camp with the unit 24 hours daily while in camp. All adults in camp must have a current BSA youth protection card (good for two years).


Every adult and youth camper must have a completed BSA Medical form, Parts A, B, and C. This form does require a doctor’s exam. The Health Department requires immunization dates and parent signatures on all health forms.


A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 per person attending with their unit or $30.00 per Explorer and adult, along with your completed reservation application is due by the Initial Deposit & Registration Deadline. The deposit applies to your total camp fee; there is no difference in the final fee for Explorer campers.

After the initial deposit deadline, a late fee of $10 will apply. Individual reservations and fees are accepted until the late registration deadline. After the late registration deadline no reservation will be accepted without the Camp Director’s permission.


There are two ways to register Cub Scouts and adults for Resident Camp.

  1. Register as a Pack. The Pack’s Cubmaster (or other leader) can select youth and adults from their pre-loaded roster and add them to their Resident Camp registration. Contact the Camping Registrar,, for assistance.
  2. Register Individually. Set up your own family’s registration account and enter all of the data for each person you are registering.
  3. WHAT YOU NEED: the info you’ll need to register.
    1. T-shirt Sizes for each Cub scout or Webelos
    2. DOBs
    3. family emails & phones
    4. addresses
    5. emergency contact info

REGISTER HERE: Click on the link for a session to register for that session.

Registration currently accepts credit cards and online checks.

Click here for the BSA Medical form needed for Resident Camp.

Camp Adult Info Form
Texas Camp Adult Roster – PDF
Texas Camp Adult Roster – Excel

Class Sign Up Instructions

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