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September 23, 2014

Welcome to the Brazos Valley blog

Mountain man is a great opportunity to our Boy Scouts to demonstrate their leadership skills! This is a yearly event that helps strength the membership of our district by inviting all cub scouts but especially the new ones to participate in it. During the event Troops will take charge of different stations and will teach cub scouts skills and have fun. This is a great way for cub scouts to meet the troops in the district and on the other hand troops to meet their new prospects. In essence, this event offers the opportunity for fellowship. Here are some of the activities that will be available: BB Guns, Archery, Monkey Bridge, Rope Making, Leather Crafts, and with a closing campfire with stories, jokes and skits! Hope to have lots of fun the weekend of 9/27/14 at Worth Ranch.


Kit Marshall District Chairman (817) 395-3159 "]">" target="_blank">
Niki Mackenzie District Commissioner (817) 694-6004 "]">" target="_blank">
Sean Vandercook Training Chairman (817) 925-9459 "]">" target="_blank">
Jimmy Goff Advancement Chairman (817) 694-0555 "]">" target="_blank">
Amanda Durrett Activities Chairman (940) 445-9557 "]">" target="_blank">
Tom Townsend Camping Chairman (817) 988-4317 "]">" target="_blank">
Joe Estill Program Chairman (817) 233-8890 "]">" target="_blank">
*VACANT Membership Chairman VACANT VACANT
*VACANT Financial Chairman VACANT VACANT
*VACANT Family Friends of Scouting VACANT VACANT
Rene Chavez OA Chapter Advisor (817) 538-7515 "]">" target="_blank">
Richard Durrett Pop Corn Kernel (940) 445-9446 "]">" target="_blank">
Sean Vandercook Camp Card Coach (817) 925-9459 "]">" target="_blank">
Sean Flynn District Web Page (817) 888-1963 "]">" target="_blank">
*VACANT District Executive (817) 231-8521 "]">" target="_blank">


Above is the current Brazos District Committee- If you have any questions contact the respective Chairman