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December 12, 2017, by Linda Presley

Why the Boy Scout Name Means so Much

The Boy Scouts movement originated in Great Britain, founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1908. He wrote a book called Scouting for Boys which depicted the games and contests that were established for cavalry training. Baden-Powell held the first camp on Brownsea Island, intending to teach the boys how to do various outdoor activities like mapping, knotting, signaling, providing first aid, and setting up camp. Boy scout members had to obey the scout law by pledging loyalty to their home country.

Why the Boy Scouts Became an International Hit

The Boy Scouts’ motto soon inspired many other youth organizations in Britain. They were one of the first to set down ground rules for chivalrous behavior in young boys. The scout oath had widespread appeal since it could be practiced in any country, regardless of culture or tradition. One of their most iconic sayings was “Be prepared” followed by the left handshake and the fleur-de-lis badge. In other words, the Boy Scouts had turned into a brand.

The emphasis on training boys in pursuit of adventurous activities motivated them to work harder, especially when they had honorary badges to look forward to. These badges were only rewarded to the most upstanding boys who collaborated during team patrol activities. The Boy Scouts also attracted other local community groups including churches and schools dedicated to boys from diverse backgrounds. It’s no surprise that the Boy Scouts would become a sensational hit in more than 150 countries.


The Boy Scout Brand Under Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual property rights apply to the Boy Scouts in the same way that they would protect third parties from using copyright content without the owner’s permission. As a brand, it makes sense that the BSA would restrict outsiders from using their logos, videos, photos, emblems, and any part of their official website for non-commercial purposes only. According to trademark attorneys, this trademark would probably fall under a Service Mark, used by owners to identify intangible activities like scouting.


Programs in The Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America became a private organization which set standards for membership and program. The Boy Scouts primarily recruited boys age 11-15, but they branched out into more programs such as the Cub Scouts and Venturing for both younger and older boys. They continue to hold international scout meetings known as the World Jamboree to this day, the next one is the Summer of 2019 at the Summit in West Virginia. The Boy Scouts was a huge success attributed to its positive reputation among boys of all ages.


What Kind of Skills do Boys Learn Today?

Scout s will gain an appreciation for nature when they go kayaking or hiking in the woods. Treating injuries is not out of the question as part of their learning skill set either. To illustrate, the Longhorn Activity Center offers STEM education to boys and girls who are eager to learn about technological innovation. They can attend a reptile show to handle animals, or go rock climbing.


Why Parents Send Their Son to Scout Camp

The Boy Scouts iconic name and brand is upheld by their large range of kid-friendly activities enjoyed year-round. They have camps in every state, such as Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, open to Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America describe themselves with words like trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and kind, all of which enhances their public image among parents looking to send their sons to stay at camp for the holidays.


Parents rest at ease, knowing their son is safe and getting enough exercise at these coordinated activities. Boy Scouts camps aren’t just places for boys to goof off. On the contrary, the Boy Scouts will help young boys build character to prepare them as they mature through simple activities such as fishing or sharpshooting. The brand name that has developed over years and decades helps to cement them as a group with staying power throughout different generations.

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