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May 12, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Big changes to Scouting Magazine announced by BSA President and CEO, Roger C. Mosby

Our National BSA President and CEO, Roger C. Mosby shared this with us in the May- June 2020 issue of Scouting magazine:

It’s no secret our movement is going through some interesting times. Changes have been made, changes are being made and changes will continue to be made, all with the common goal of better serving our mission.

You’ll notice a change in Scouting magazine as well. You are holding the last printed issue of this storied publication. The end of Scouting? Hardly. Instead of this magazine being delivered to you five times a year, you will get almost instantaneous access to the content that has made and will continue to make Scouting — and Scouting — great. You will have choices:

  • A digital version of this magazine, now available for free on just about any device, will continue to deliver the great long-form and feature content you’ve told us you love.
  • The website,, will be updated almost daily with the latest and greatest Scouting content around.
  • And we will continue to evolve our online presentations to maintain Scouting’s status as your flagship source of Scouting news and resources.

Please click below to read the complete Scouting magazine update:

Big Changes Ahead for Scouting — and Scouting Magazine


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