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October 25, 2019, by Victor Rivera

Are you registered for LHC University of Scouting 2019?

Huge thanks to all who have registered already.  For those who have not signed-up yet, this is your personal invitation to do so.

To register click this link:

LHC University of Scouting 2019 in-depth:

Our Vision

To be the largest annual training event providing comprehensive top quality education to Scouters in and around the Longhorn Council to help deliver the Promise of Scouting. LHC University of Scouting will be a diverse and inclusive institution creating knowledge and innovations, while cultivating excellence in the next generation of Scouts and Scouters.

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Tarrant County College – Trinity River Campus, 300 Trinity Campus Circle, Fort Worth, Texas 76102.


The University of Scouting encourages all participants to wear the complete and proper uniform of the Boy Scouts of America. Due to physical activity and/or possible messiness, some classes may suggest you remove your scout shirt and wear your activity shirt. All clothing should be scout appropriate.


All participants and staff must check in with the Vice Chancellor-Admissions at the Registration Desk. You may not attend a class without registering. The Registration Desk will have staff on hand throughout the day to assist you with any questions or schedule changes.

Our Mission

The Longhorn Council’s University of Scouting volunteers are deeply committed to advancing educational excellence and preparing participants to become well rounded, knowledgeable, leaders in all aspects of Scouting.

University Midway

Longhorn Council recognizes there are a number of companies in North Texas who work hand-in-hand with the Boy Scouts of America. We have invited a number of these companies to attend and will provide an opportunity for you to visit, learn about their mission, and have an opportunity to learn about special product promotions. Community-based and service organizations will be on hand so you may learn how you or your scouts may partner with them to serve the needs of the communities.

The BSA Scout Shop and other vendors will have products available for purchase. They can sell out fast so make sure you visit all the vendors. Our Midway does feature prizes and drawings. Make sure you learn the rules and participate.

Guests and Children?

Guests are not allowed. All who attend the University of Scouting must register. There are no accommodations for babysitting, daycare or other means of looking after children. As a courtesy to other attendees and to prevent any disruptions, children are not permitted to attend the event even if accompanied by a parent or guardian. The only exception to this rule are those youth (13 years or older) who have registered as participants.

Degree Program

Longhorn Council is offering a degree program from University of Scouting to earn your Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees. In order to earn your patch you must complete the requirements set forth in the current Degree Program.

YOUTH LHC University of Scouting REQUIREMENTS

  1. First time Youth – 14 years of age or older
  2. Complete Four (4) credits
  3. Visit six (6) Midway Booths


  1. Adult Scouter or Youth attending second year
  2. Complete five (5) credits
  3. Visit nine (9) Midway Booths


  1. Received an Associates’ Degree from LHC University of Scouting
  2. Be a registered Scouter with current Youth Protection Training
  3. Earn the BSA “TRAINED” patch for your current position
  4. Visit nine (9) Midway Booths
  5. Complete an additional five (5) University of Scouting credits for a total of ten (10) credits as a participant or instructor


  1. Receive a Bachelor’s Degree from LHC University of Scouting
  2. Visit nine (9) Midway Booths
  3. Bring one (1) new person to LHC University pf Scouting to earn their Associate Degree
  4. Complete six (6) additional credits as a participant or instructor for a total of sixteen (16) credits
  5. Complete three position-related supplemental training courses. Examples include:
  • Cub Adults: BALOO, Shooting Sports, Hazardous Weather, Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders (OWL), District Committee Training Workshop, Safe Swim Defense, Certified CPR/First Aid course, Trainer’s EDGE, and any American Red Cross health and safety course.
  • Scouts / Venturing / Sea Scouts /Explorer Adults: Merit Badge Counselor Orientation, Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS), Intro to On-the-Water Leader Skills (IOWLS), District Committee Workshop, Trainer’s EDGE, BSA Lifeguard, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Trek Safely, Climb on Safely, Tread Lightly! Tread Trainer, certified CPR/First Aid course, and any American Red Cross health and safety course.
  • Youth:  ILST, ICST, ILSS, Trainer’s EDGE, BSA Lifeguard, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Trek Safely, Climb on Safely, certified CPR/First Aid course, and any American Red Cross health and safety course.
  1. Show you have completed one (1) of the following:
  • Wood Badge Training
  • NYLT Training
  • Powder Horn
  • Seabadge
  • Conservation Weekend
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator
  • Aquatic School



  1. Receive a Master’s Degree from the LHC University of Scouting.
  2. Complete four (4) additional course credits as a participant or Instructor for a total of twenty (20) credits.
  3. Serve as an instructor, faculty or support staff in the current year’s LHC University of Scouting.
  4. Bring ONE participant to University of Scouting that is working on their Youth or Associate Degree.
  5. Show you have completed one (1) of the following:
  • Wood Badge Staff
  • Powder Horn Staff
  • NYLT (Twin Arrows) Staff
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator Staff
  • Tread Lightly! Master Trainer
  • Jamboree Staff
  • National Camp School
  • Philmont Training Center
  • Seabadge Staff
  • Aquatic School Staff
  • Summer Camp Staff
  • High Adventure Staff
  • Key Three Training
  • Council Camporee Staff
  • Master Degree at College of Commissioner Science

See you there!

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