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April 11, 2022, by Kevin Wassie

The Longhorn Council is excited to share some big popcorn news for 2022!

Last year, we asked for feedback from our unit popcorn Kernels. Based on those responses, we developed a strong foundation that we know will lead to an amazing 2022 popcorn fundraiser for your Scouting unit. We are committed to helping your Scouts and families fund their adventures.

Click the link below to register your Scouting unit for this year’s sale and to stay up-to-date on future news and announcements. A timeline for the sale, dates for popcorn Kick-offs, and the leader’s guide will be coming out soon.

Click Here to Sign-Up Your Scouting Unit for the Sale

If you have popcorn questions, please contact:
Bryant Butler, Director of Annual Giving
(817) 231-8516
[email protected]

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