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December 15, 2020, by Victor Rivera

12 Days of Scouting

The Longhorn Council’s 12 Days of Scouting is brought to you in the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas. The biggest difference is the timing- we did not want to wait to bring you the “12 Days of Scouting.”  We modified a few other things and we hope you enjoy the focus on Scouting.

Stay super safe throughout the holidays and always blessed.   Special thank you to LHC Scouters John Hearrell and Dee Huston for helping us put the 12 Days of Scouting together.  

 Click/tap here or the image below to see all 12 Days of Scouting from Longhorn Council on our IHUB page.

Visit our LHC Facebook Page to see our 12 Days of Scouting pictures shared individually.


Many of our Scouters and friends are shopping online a bit more this year.  If you shop on Amazon and want to help Longhorn Council, at-no-cost to you, please set up the Amazon Smile program to benefit LHC.  It will probably show up on your screen as “Waco” and yes, that is us!

Thanks in advance for your help.




Yours in Scouting Service,

Victor Rivera  |  Director of Marketing and Communications

Boy Scouts of America

[email protected]

Victor Rivera  |  Director of Marketing and Communications
Boy Scouts of America Longhorn Council
[email protected]
850 Cannon Drive  |  P.O. Box 54190
Hurst, Texas  76054-3191
P 817-231-8500  |  F 817-231-8600

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