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BSA Requirements

BSA requires Youth Protection Training for all BSA registered adults.  The National BSA requirements for all activities are here.

State of Texas Requirements

The State of Texas requires all adults attending day camps and resident camps / summer camps to take the Texas-approved BSA in-person YPT classroom course.  YPT cards from the the in-person Texas-approved YPT Course are good for 2 years and meet all BSA YPT requirements.  The YPT classroom course must be taken within two years of attending camp.  The BSA ONLINE course may not be used for summer camps and day camps in the state of Texas.  (Note that this state requirement applies only to adults attending summer camps and day camps in the state of Texas and doe NOT apply to unit weekend camping.)

Click here to find:  Texas approved BSA YPT classes.

The state-approved in-person YPT Course requirement applies ONLY to adults attending or staffing the following:

Click here to find:  BSA Online Youth Protection Training Course

You do not have to be a registered member or have a member ID to take Youth Protection training.  To take Youth Protection training go to and create an account.  (If you do not have a My.Scouting account, you can create one.)

The course takes 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. Anyone is welcome to take the course. If you are a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, be sure to have your BSA Person ID number ready at your fingertips before you start the course. Anyone who completes the course and the test will have an opportunity to print a “YPT card.”


  • If you need help getting your BSA Person ID number, please email Patricia at
  • For problems with the Youth Protection Training website or BSA Online Learning Center:  Contact BSA Member Care at 855-707-2644
  • The YPT and Online Learning Center site is a part of BSA’s National website.  Please remember that every weekend in late May and in June there are hundreds of thousands of adult volunteers all across the U.S. trying to log-in in to the site to take required training courses like Youth Protection Training so that they can go to Day Camp or Summer Camp.  Many people wait until the last minute.  If you have problems logging in at this time of year, your best bet is to keep trying. BSA’s National Service Center can be reached at 972-580-2489.  They will be able to help you solve software issues.

Si usted tiene problemas con el sistema o necesita ayuda para obtener su número de miembro: escriba por correo electronico a Patricia en

BSA requires all adult leaders to renew their Youth Protection Training certification every two years. Adult Scouters must get a new certification from the BSA online YPT course every two years. In addition, the state of Texas requires all BSA adults and parents attending a summer camp, resident camp, or day camp to hold a current YPT certification from an in-person state-approved course.

HOW TO get a YPT Card – read this before you take the course.

  1. Register at Click on Create an Account. Afterwards, you will need to respond to the confirmation email that was sent to the email address you assigned to your my.Scouting account.
  2. In the box for “Council Number” select: “Longhorn Council – Hurst, TX – 662”
  3. In the box for “Member ID” enter your BSA Member ID number from your BSA Registration card. If you don’t have a BSA Member ID number just leave it blank! It is not required. (You can also enter it at a later date.)
  4. Once logged in, click on E-Learning and click the “Take Course” link for Youth Protection Training under the General tab. Take the Online YPT Course and test.
  5. PRINT the screen that shows your card after you take the test.  For Windows users, if you have trouble printing the screen, enter [ ctrl ] + [ print screen ], (it might read: PrtScn), then open a Word document, paste the screen into the document, and print the Word document.
  6. Write down the date you take the course. (It can help you get a card later in case there is printer or computer error after you finish.)
  7. If you have problems printing the card please email Patricia at Include the date when you took the test and your name. (Include your BSA Person ID number if you have one.)
  8. If you experience other problems before you finish the course and test – such as computer lock-ups, network freezes, etc. – try the system again. BSA regularly updates the software and glitches are fixed as fast as they are found. At times of peak use your may have to try multiple times! Remember – there are millions of BSA volunteers around the USA!


If you take a course without inputting your BSA Member ID number and try to add it to your account later in the My Profile section and receive an error that says:

“The Council # 662 and Member ID you supplied could not be verified. Please try again.”

Try these two steps:

  • Check the name on your card. Your profile name that you enter must be the exact same name that is on your BSA Registration card.
  • Make sure that you have a current registration with the Longhorn Council.

Youth Protection Training Contacts

For problems getting your member number:

Please email Patricia at

Si usted tiene problemas con el sistema o necesita ayuda para obtener su número de miembro: escriba por correo electronico a Patricia en

Adult Youth Protection Training Policy

  1. All adult participants in all Scouting programs are required to be “Youth Protection Trained”.
  2. YPT “Trained” adults are only “certified” for a period of two years after taking Youth Protection Training and will receive a “Trained” card after attending the training. Units participating in activities outside the Longhorn Council must comply with the Youth Protection requirements of BSA National, as well as the Council or the state where the activity takes place.
  3. Online YPT Cards are good for 2 years for Weekend Camping reservations, Unit Fundraising Projects, District and Council weekend program events (camporees, OA events, Webelos Woods, Fall Festival, Score-O, etc.), and unit program.
  4. All units must have current YPT “Trained” (i.e. within the two year period) adults on-site for any activity, including meetings, trips, weekend camping, unit fundraising projects, service projects, etc. Camp Rangers will insist on seeing a current YPT card before a unit may set up to camp.
  5. All registered adults must have completed BSA Youth Protection training for participation in any national event/activity (e.g. Philmont, National Jamboree).

YOUTH RESOURCES – BSA Traditional programs


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