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Programs & Events > Basswood Activity Center

Basswood Activity Center

Programs for Scouts, Scouting Families, Chartered Organizations, and other Youth Groups and Community Organizations

  • Climbing Tower rentals
  • Pool rentals
  • Starship  Bridge
    • Space flight simulators
    • Astronomy
    • movies
  • Overnight Lock-Ins
  • Birthday parties
    Meeting Rooms
  • Reptile Shows
  • Paleontology
  • Pinewood Derbies
  • Inflatables (onsite)
    • Bounce Houses
    • Obstacle Course
    • Slides


Climbing Tower Rentals

Rent the 2 red rock climbing towers at Basswood.  Each  tower has 6 climbing stations. The taller tower has 1 rappelling station for completing the Climbing Merit Badge rappelling requirement. All ropes & equipment are provided.

The Towers can be rented for morning, afternoon, or evening group climbs (until 10 PM).  Evening rentals will include lights (under construction). Noise discipline is required.

Longhorn Council units must have LHC-trained climbing instructors who have completed the free 1 hour Basswood training program.  Instructors for units from other councils and other groups must be in compliance with the standards set by the BSA "Climb on Safely" publication and complete the free 1 hour Basswood training program.



Reptile Shows: the Kingsnake Collection

Kingsnakes are famous for eating venomous snakes like rattlesnakes and copperheads.  They are farmers’ and ranchers’ friends!

Snake education shows are very popular with Scouts and siblings.

We have the only complete display collection of all 35 U.S. Kingsnake species & subspecies, as well as many of the major species native to Texas and the American Southwest.  The collection is designed to help youth learn to identify snakes, and to develop their knowledge and appreciation for conservation, nature, & the natural history of reptiles, as well as show off some of the amazing species native to Texas and the U.S.

Available Kingsnake and reptile education shows:

  • Kingsnakes of Texas
  • Snakes of Texas
  • Kingsnakes of the U.S. (the big show!)
  • Living Art of Texas: the Kingsnakes of Big Bend
  • Pet Snakes for Beginners
(Requires staff availability.)

Starship Bridge Programs

(scheduled for completion in May 2013)

Welcome to the bridge of the Imperial Starship Texas. Instrument panels line the operations bays between bulkheads. The 80” main bridge view screen (HDTV) is available for astronomy education, space flight simulation, dinosaur and other natural history education shows, and for movies (byo) & birthday parties. (Requires staff availability.)

Space Flight Simulators

The command station has a future military space vehicle simulator that displays on the main bridge screen, & a control center for over 900 fiber optic star constellations that can be displayed in the ceiling. There are 3 historic space simulators in the aft instrument bays.
Each simulator is designed for use in a group setting, with:
  • multiple selectable skill levels
  • a "pre-flight briefing" to teach flight basics
  • a 3-5 minute Flight Sequence
  • and a short wrap-up debrief sequence.
  • Several include a "Chase Plane View" so that others can watch as you fly.
Lunar Landing. Land Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 Lunar Module on the surface of the Moon in 1969.
Discovery: Final Approach. Land the Space Shuttle Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center or at Edwards Air Force Base!
Space Station Rendezvous. Dock NASA's Orion space capsule with the International Space Station.

Air Force Space Shuttle Mission. Your mission: intercept a meteor that's on a collision course with the International Space Station. Fly a future Air Force rapid-response launch vehicle. Accelerate to Mach 3, pull up at 4 G’s, guide the aircraft to 200,000 feet and zero-g, deploy an interceptor missile, then land back at your starting point!


Pool Rentals  -  now open!

Available for group rentals. BSA units & all groups renting the pool must provide their own lifeguards & follow BSA Safe Swim Defense Policy. Online Safe Swim Defense training is available at https://myscouting.scouting.org.


Cub Scout Inflatable Rentals

The facility has four bounce houses, a pair of tall slides,  and a 52 foot obstacle course with slide that are all available for rentals for Cub Scouts, siblings, and other youth under 11 years of age.

Inflatables may be rented for onsite use only and may not be used for youth who are 11 years old or older. Outdoor extension cords and outlets, as well as moving dollies, are provided.


Paleontology Programs

Scouts and families can get an introduction to the natural history of dinosaurs, including a dig site featuring a 32 foot Allosaurus skeleton, real & replica fossils, & a rare collection of BC Bones dinosaur skeleton 3D puzzles.


Overnight Lock-Ins

The main Meeting Room and the Race Room, with its DVD player and large HDTV, are available for overnight lock-ins. Other programs available for lock-ins include inflatables, climbing, and Kingsnake shows. Note: Outside activities must stop at 11 PM. Outside noise must stop at 9:30 PM.

Meeting Room Rentals

The main meeting area, with a DVD and large HDTV, are available for weekday and weekend rentals.


Pinewood Derby Race Tracks

The Race Room has a 6-lane pinewood derby track with an electronic timing display that is available for Pack rentals.


Basswood Activity Center
5350 Basswood Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76137

Contact the Registrar
Longhorn Council, Boy Scouts of America
850 Cannon Drive
Hurst, TX 76054

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