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Programs & Events > Longhorn Activity Center

Longhorn Activity Center

Family and Group Programs and Facilities for Scouts, Churches, Organizations, and Youth Groups

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Pool rentals
  • Climbing Towers
  • Birthday parties
  • Overnight Lock-Ins
  • Onsite Reptile Shows
  • Traveling Reptile Shows
  • Allosaurus Skeleton Dig programs
  • Bounce Houses & Slides
  • Inflatable Obstacle Courses
  • Starship Bridge Simulator
  • Space flight simulators
  • Pinewood Derby Track
  • Wilderness First Aid courses


Climbing Tower Rentals

Two climbing towers available.  Each tower has 6 climbing stations. One has a rappelling station. Ropes & gear included.

Available for morning, afternoon, or evening group climbs until 11:00 PM.  Evening rentals include lights. Currently certified climbing instructors required, including the free 1 hour site-specific Basswood training. Some instructors are available for hire. Contact Gary Wilson garywils@swbell.net.


Reptile Shows: Kingsnakes, Snakes of Texas, Pythons, Turtles, Lizards, and more!

Kingsnakes are famous for eating venomous snakes like rattlesnakes and copperheads.  They are farmers’ and ranchers’ friends!

Snake education shows are very popular with youth! Shows are available onsite at Basswood or as a traveling reptile show brought to your meeting place.
The collection  features 35 U.S. Kingsnake species, Snakes of Texas, Rat Snakes of the Southwest, Boas, Pythons, lizards, tortoises, and more.  Reptile Education Shows are designed to help youth learn about reptiles, and develop their knowledge and appreciation for conservation and natural history. (Kingsnakes are famous for eating rattlesnakes.).


Starship Bridge Programs

Pilot an Imperial Starship into battle as Captain, Helmsman, Weapons Officer, Science, Engineering, or Communications. Work together to maneuver your ship and defend your planets. For older youth and adults.

Historic Space Flight Simulators

Space flight simulators with multiple skill levels allow youth & adults to compete for the title of Best Pilot. By museum simulation companies Binary Star & Historic Space Systems.

Discovery: Final Approach. Land the Space Shuttle Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center or at Edwards Air Force Base!

Space Station Docking. Pilot NASA's new Orion space capsule as you bring supplies to the International Space Station.

Air Force Interceptor. A dangerous asteroid is headed for Earth. You will pilot the mission to destroy it with a missile-based energy weapon, flying an Air Force rapid-response launch vehicle.

Lunar Landing. “The Eagle has landed.” Pilot Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 Lunar Module and land on the moon in 1969.

STEM programs In Astronomy & Science are also available.

Hunter Education Instructor Class

Sunday, September 21, 2014, 12 noon - 9 PM
Basswood Meeting room
contact: huntereducation@longhorn.org

Hunter Education Classes

Tuesday Class, October 28, 2014, 6 PM - 9 PM
Wednesday Class, October 29, 2014, 6 PM - 9 PM
Basswood Meeting room
contact: huntereducation@longhorn.org


First Aid Training Courses 2015

CPR/AED & Standard First Aid
CPR/AED & Wilderness First Aid

CPR/AED and Standard First Aid are offered in conjunction with (and as part of) the Wilderness First Aid course. CPR and First Aid Information Form.

Pool Rentals

Available for group rentals. Groups renting the pool must provide their own lifeguards & follow the BSA’s Safe Swim Defense Policy.

Some staff lifeguards available for hire. Contact the Activity Center Director.  Online Safe Swim Defense training is available at https://myscouting.scouting.org.

Birthday Party Events

Basic Birthday. Two hour birthday party with one of our programs! Use of indoor/outdoor area for 2 hours, up to 20 participants.

Choose from swim**, climb*, reptiles, dinosaurs, Space Room, mad science, or racing! Bring your guests & food of your choice. We provide the activities and decorations.

Deluxe Birthday. Three hours with two of our programs! Combinations include: swim**, climb*, space, mad science, reptiles, racing, dinosaurs, and many other options, including movies on the 80” Space Room main bridge view screen.

Deluxe Package also includes pizza (pepperoni and cheese options), cupcakes, and bottled water, decorations and staff-led activities.

If you don’t see something you’d like to have, just ask. We’ll try to accommodate!

Climb* Requires certified Climbing Instructors.
Swim** Requires leaders certified in BSA Safe Swim Defense.



Inflatable Rentals

The facility has four bounce houses, a pair of tall slides,  and a 52 foot obstacle course with slide that are all available for rentals.

Inflatables available for teenagers & adults:
52’ obstacle course with slide, 2 tall slides.

Inflatables available for Elementary age groups:

4 Bounce houses, 2 tall slides,  52’ obstacle course with slide.

Outdoor extension cords and outlets, as well as moving dollies, are provided.


Allosaurus Skeleton Dig

Discover our 32-foot Allosaurus skeleton & many other fossils. An introduction to dinosaurs like T-Rex, Utahraptor, and Allosaurus.



Overnight Lock-Ins

Basic Overnight.
Use of indoor/outdoor area 9-11 PM, indoor area from 9 PM-8 a.m. DIY programs. Does not include any facility specialties (pool**, track, climbing*, etc) *Discounts for troops needing stopovers on your way to our camps or Philmont!  Showers available for adults.

Deluxe Overnight. Early check in at 6pm – use the pool** or climbing tower*, dino dig, reptile programs, or movies on 80” main bridge screen. Includes pizza dinner and bottled water. Continental breakfast can also be added.

Meeting Room Rentals

The main meeting area, with a DVD and large HDTV, are available for weekday and weekend rentals.

Weekly or Monthly Scout Specific Meetings: Pack or Troop regular meetings/events. Two hour use of  meeting room. If you would like to schedule your pack/troop for monthly/weekly meetings, arrangements for discounts can be made.

Have a big group? Want a big get together? Call or email our staff to customize a program package for you!

Pinewood Derby Race Track

6-lane pinewood derby rental track with electronic timer & 6-lane display.

Longhorn Activity Center
5350 Basswood Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76137

Activity Center Director
Stefanie Spivey. 817-231-8572

Camping Registrar
Longhorn Council, Boy Scouts of America
PO Box 54190
850 Cannon Drive
Hurst, TX 76054

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