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Texas Rangers Outpost

Rangers on patrol looking for the outlaw hideout.

The bandits (staff and Scoutmasters, of course) head for the hills after robbing the Griffin Ranch payroll.

To arms, boys! Let's track 'em down! - Rangers head out to bring back the outlaws.

On the trail - ready for ambush.

Ambushed! Now drive 'em back boys!

Rangers work their way up the ridge to capture the bandit hideout.



Learn frontier history by living it! Experience the life of a volunteer Ranger on the Texas frontier! It’s 1842 and the Griffin ranch has been robbed. The call has gone out to the local Texas Ranger volunteer company. Time to saddle up and hit the trail to find the outlaw hideout. Don’t expect the outlaws to give up without a fight - you’ll have to fight a battle to recover the Ranch payroll! Our Texas Ranger Captain will muster you into our Frontier Company, serve you frontier meals, and train you to the legendary .50 caliber frontier rifle and fight battle reenactments as a Texas Ranger. Staff provide all meals at this outpost.

Our staff will provide frontier meals, horses, saddles, tack, muzzle–loading plains rifles, vests, hats, safety instruction and gear, and Texas Ranger stars. When you leave you can keep your Texas Ranger star! REQUIRED to participate: long pants (jeans), long-sleeve shirts (white or tan), and hiking boots! NO shorts. Branding irons are available if you want to brand your boots or gear before you mosey on to the next watersport at lunchtime. Showers and Trading Post are a half mile walk from the outpost campsite.


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