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Scottish Highland Games Outpost

Throwing the Clachneart.

Hammer Toss.

Serving turkey legs for supper in 2008.

Battleaxe Throw.

The Braemer Stone.

Demonstrating the Hammer Throw.

Turning the Caber, the Caber Toss - choose YOUR telephone pole!

Weight Throw event.

Join us for Scottish Highland athletic competitions like Tossing the Caber. Our Highland games combine traditional Celtic sports competitions that originated centuries ago in the Scottish Highlands with a few Scouting twists! You will compete in fun and challenging Celtic tests of strength, endurance and skill. Highland Games is both an individual event and a team event. Kilts will be provided for the participants where necessary.

The Shaef Toss.

Two weight classes for all events: “Heavy Weight” and “Light Weight” for male and female youth and adults. “Throw” events go for distance. “Toss” events go for height. We’ll be adding a few Scouting touches for safety in some events, like helmets.

The Weight Toss.

Events will include: Turning the Caber, a 16-20 foot long pole that is tossed end-over-end; Sheaf Toss, a 16-20 pound bag of hay tossed over an crossbar with a pitchfork (High Jump with pitch forks!); Weight Throws; Weight Toss, over the crossbar (we hope); Clachneart, shot put with a rounded stone; Braemar Stone, bigger than a Clachneart; Hammer Throw, “Light” as Scottish hammers go; Farmer’s Walk, around a series of pylons with weights in each hand; Battle Axe Throw, think BIG tomahawk; and others. Our staff will provide a Scottish food and equipment and safety gear for the games.

The BIG Braemar Stone and smaller Clachneart stone.

Demonstrating proper form on the Braemer Stone.

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