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And YOU do all the cooking! Here, Troop 410 checks on their steaks, bicuits, and cobbler in July, 2004.

You can make your own cookin' tools with our blacksmith's forge.

Fast Draw
Cowboy Action Shooting

Feel like part of the Old West, the excitement of standing on the shooting line, your hand shaking, feeling the adrenalin, ready to draw. . .
You’ll fire replicas of historic Colt Peacemaker pistols, lever action 1892 rifles, and double-barrel coach shotguns as you compete in the Fast Draw Competition.

And get ready for some real cowboy hospitality. For supper you’re cookin’ Texas steaks, corn, potatoes, biscuits, ‘n cobbler.

Everyone gets a steak - except vegetarians!
For breakfast it’s a big Tex-Mex spread of breakfast burritos and more. Now get your gun ‘n git ready to draw! It’s time for the Fast Draw Competition. . .

To score the competition we will use official Fast Draw competition targets. The targets give a “start” signal and record the speed of each shot down to one thousandth of a second. You’ll know who really is the fastest gun in Texas! We provide the food, cooking gear, historic firearms, and shooting supplies.

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