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Covert Ops Outpost

Covert Ops staff power up the new Command Center in June 2006.

A Venture Crew gets their mission briefing at our Covert Ops heaquarters.

Final check before the team moves out.

Training to use night vision devices.

Closing in on the location of crash site to recover the downed pilot and black box data recorder.

Calling in the GPS coordinates..

Once the pilot is rescued, you team must recover the top secret weapons and electronics from the crash site.

Getting close!

Deactivating and securing the device.
Step back in time to the history of the Cold War and plan to stay up late. Land your boat at our headquarters cove, set up camp, and join us for dinner. Then you’ll “volunteer” as intelligence agents assigned to recover top-secret weapons from an aircraft crash site before they can be stolen by foreign spies.

You’ll get your mission briefing and Covert Ops equipment training at our headquarters. After dark you’ll use GPS units, radios, headsets, night vision goggles, computers, satellite uplinks, and other electronics and gear to accomplish your covert mission. In the morning you’ll do Geocaching - a high tech “treasure hunt” in which you use a GPS receiver to find hidden caches of Scouting patches and other collectibles.

We'll supply you with GPS receivers, teach you the sport of Geocaching, and give you coordinates for a geocache. When you enter the coordinates of a cache into the GPS receiver, the receiver can tell you how far away the cache is and in what direction it lies. When you find the cache you'll sign it’s log book, take a patch from the cache for each member of your crew, and leave a patch for each one you take. Be sure to bring at least one patch per participant. We provide meals, night vision goggles, GPS units, radios, electronics, computers, and other electronic gear.

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