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Comanche Village Outpost

Sleep in one of our 25 tipis at Comanche Village.

We use 3-dimensional archery targets on our archery, spear, and blowgun ranges.

The evening campfire features legends and history of the Comanche and Kiowa.

Archery target shooting by crew members in our native American clothing.

The spear range.

Tomahawk and knife throwing are popular pastimes.

The Village is BIG.

(Not offered in 2013.) Learn history by living it! Land your pontoon boat in the protected bay and right up the trail you'll find the 24 tipis you'll be staying in. Now you'll experience the hospitality and life-style of the Comanche with a strong emphasis on storytelling, dancing, and hunting weapons!

Our staff gives you 19th Century Comanche/Kiowa clothing and prepares Native American foods including fry bread, and sweet potatoes. After supper you'll do Native American games and sports. At campfire you'll learn Comanche and Kiowa dancing, legends, and history.

In the morning you'll fix breakfast and practice more skills and hunting weapons of Comanche and Kiowa warriors: lances, bows, tomahawks, throwing knives, plus blowguns, throwing spears, arrow making, flint-knapping, and other native skills. Then you'll do War Canoe races. Period clothing, hunting weapons, safety gear, program equipment, War Canoes, PFDs, paddles, and period meals are provided.

We added War Canoe Races in 2004. It's survival of the fittest!

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